Monday 3 March 2014

Arizona to Texas to New Mexico then back to TEXAS...

So we are back in West Texas after leaving el Paso a few days ago  and meandering around New Mexico for a bit.  Why, you might ask?   Well, because we ran into some of our Canadian compadres a few days ago and they raved (and ranted a little bit) about how spectacular Big Bend National Park is and how we just had to see it as we've come so far and we are sooooo close.  So we made a u-turn at Demming, New Mexico and now we are on day two of desolate, 'Texican' interstate travel.   Not there yet, but getting closer.    Can I just say, Texas is a big ass state?  Of course if you know us at all you know that we take at least twice as long as any other normal traveller  does to get anywhere.  Not sure why that is but 'tis a fact.   

So here a few pictures of the Arizona and New Mexico meanderings.    Both places  outstanding and very different deserts.  My pictures cannot even hope to capture their magnificence,  but here you go anyway.  Feel free to enhance with your own imagination.