Thursday 22 May 2014


Coming soon to a MO-bile near you -- more space to do just about anything in.  Here you see the dog taking advantage of a newly tarped floor that marks the beginning of this project.  She already approves.    This is a figure-it-out-as-we go venture as well as a re-use-it-if-we-can one.  So far,  so good with just the rain annoying us but in no way stopping us.  Maybe we are finally becoming Canadians (sort of )  since we just keep on working and commenting that " at least it's not freezing".      I think I will only post the dramatic 'before & after'  photos as no one is really interested in all the boring, along the way messes,  so if any one is out there reading (and you alone) will have to wait. 


Friday 9 May 2014


THE DOG KILLED A CHICKEN YESTERDAY !!!!  Yes, I was (am) appalled.  Actually the neighbours who owned said dead chicken and from whom we get our best-est eggs ever, were so cool about it that we were very touched and relieved.    WE STILL FELT JUST AWFUL last night and most of today until we made proper amends.  It did make their 10 year son cry a bit which was just a heartbreak.    Couldn't bring back the chicken but thought that maybe a homemade loaf of whole grain bread and some red haven peach jam (of course canned by ME last summer) and a note of sorry,  might soothe any bad blood (pardon the pun).   It was all I could think to do.

Just for the record it was totally the Mister's fault (are any of you surprised?).  I think not.  I know this screwy dog and I tend to watch her like a hawk....HE on the other hand tends towards a more laissez-faire attitude with accusations of my 'uptightness' and 'control issues'....his point totally missing the mark here this time.  Need I say more?

All seems well in the Valley of the Crescent once againPeace and harmony have returned and all BADDOGS are staying close to home and trying to suck up to the BIG BOSS LADY.  Here's hoping this was just a one-off 'cause I will totally lose it if it's not.   


Monday 5 May 2014

Lost in Translation?

Sometimes a road trip leads to a place like this.   How big I smiled as the MotorHovel u-turned in the parking lot and I spotted the  Ho Ho Buffet.  There it was in the corner of a nondescript,  strip-type mall,  in all its uncensored glory,  beckoning us to come in and enjoy the mirth of the Ho Ho Buffet.   We did not.  What we did do was have a few ho-ho's of our own just enjoying the sheer wonderfull-ness of saying  "Ho Ho Buffet"  many times throughout the rest of the day.  Being a big fan of repetitive humour I found this to be  HI-larious.  I also thought it might appeal to certain friends...wink, wink.