Monday 5 May 2014

Lost in Translation?

Sometimes a road trip leads to a place like this.   How big I smiled as the MotorHovel u-turned in the parking lot and I spotted the  Ho Ho Buffet.  There it was in the corner of a nondescript,  strip-type mall,  in all its uncensored glory,  beckoning us to come in and enjoy the mirth of the Ho Ho Buffet.   We did not.  What we did do was have a few ho-ho's of our own just enjoying the sheer wonderfull-ness of saying  "Ho Ho Buffet"  many times throughout the rest of the day.  Being a big fan of repetitive humour I found this to be  HI-larious.  I also thought it might appeal to certain friends...wink, wink.


kevel88 said...

looks like Castlegar!?!?

kevel88 said...

You Rike ho ho? HE HE? HA HA?