Tuesday 24 August 2010


Of course, she's not perfect and I've been told, neither am I. But, I confess that I do have an obsession with trying to be. I figure if we can at least get close then we are doing okay. I am being cheeky here. It is just that it is coming up to a year since PG has bounded onto the scene and she has come a long, long way. But she still has a few itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny issues. Here is one of them that I could use some input on. With most dogs her size or bigger she is very docile and playful but with smaller dogs she is a bit rough. She tries to step on them and growls. After a few minutes, everything is okay and they start playing, but she is still too rough for the little ones. In almost one year, I haven't seen any serious aggression but I admit, I am a little tense and watchful when she is around smaller dogs. I am hoping that with more exposure this will work itself out and I always stay at the ready to intervene if necessary.

Saturday 21 August 2010

Don't Hate me Because I Blog

I used to feel so conflicted about blogging. Before I started blogging I would destroy anything I had written down. The reason being that whenever I would re-read my writing, it always seemed so trite, so simple-minded, and so, well, so, stupid. Starting a blog and putting things out there to the 'world-wide-web', was a risk. A BIG risk. Now I think... no big deal. Although I do temper myself somewhat, this has been a such a rich experience. It has provided a great forum to work things out. The blogging community has gotten me through the darkest of days and has expanded my view of the good world. I feel grateful to have shared such intimacy with all my newly made 'blogger pals' and with all my 'real world' pals. WOW. Now this may be borderline 'trite' but hey, forgive me my trespasses and please keep on blogging. I love reading yours.

Friday 13 August 2010

OH...You Dirty Dog!

Who knew that mud could be so much fun? It is apparently 'joie de vivre' to the max for this rascal. This is the dog that was scared of everyday things a few months ago and now will dive into a black hole if it smells good enough. She has never been frightened of thunder or any loud explosive noises on the other hand. This is a very good thing as we have the most lovely thunderstorms here all summer long. It's great to sit on the deck and watch them rock & roll their way in and have her peacefully watching as well. Oh, and one other thing...she knows the names of her friends. Tell me you haven't done this with your dog, "Hey is that Lilly? Ry? Raja? Q? Koda?". They fall for it every time...can't help it...it's funny.

Tuesday 3 August 2010


Well, I could have posted all the usual, unbelievable and beautiful scenes of summer that are gushing all around us here in the great white north. But, as you can clearly see, my new flip-flops have won out. Yes, the garden is blowing out beets and peas and squashes. Yes, we are having our vital greens every night. Herbs are getting chopped and added to every dish. It is a veritable vegetable carnival. It is almost like this is a different place. In fact that is what I love about living with four seasons. Life is totally changed four times a year. This time of year, life is almost constantly lived outside and compared to winter we wear hardly anything. Hence, the wonder of the flip-flop. In just a few months we'll find ourselves transported to a winter wonderland without going anywhere. We're definitely not in California anymore. (okay, a little summer peek)