Tuesday 29 May 2012


I recently received one of those emails that we all get from someone who forwarded this  "important information"  from someone who forwarded it to them, who forwarded it to.......and so on and so on.   Anyway, after reading the "important information" and finding myself getting a bit peeved that this is what someone thought I needed to be aware of,  I then got a bit more sympathetic (for a moment, I'll be honest).     It is indeed terrible that some of you do live in places where you need to worry about things like what type of car is parked next to you in a parking lot or,   if you hear water running outside of your house, at night,  it might be a serial killer trying to lure you outside to add you as a notch on  his(her?) belt...seriously?    I read all the "warnings" and there were several and then I looked outside my living room and briefly wondered what it would be like to be that scared and wary and worried every day, all day.   I not sure even when I lived in the middle of one of the largest metropolitan areas of North America,  did I ever  feel that vulnerable--I just didn't.   I know,  bad things do happen all the time and as many of you will remind me, they do happen everywhere.  Well,  shall we say almost everywhere.   Yes, the 'news' is full of these things  and yes, I guess I should check the back seat whenever I get in the car  (and thankfully I now know what to do if there is someone there with a weapon -- PANIC)  but really, my biggest concern is that now some N-U-T probably got the same email that I did and now has some real good ideas about what to do today.   Am I in denial?   I sure hope so because its real pretty here.    

Why is this guy looking in this refrigerator?



Wednesday 16 May 2012


What I am enjoying at the moment is the wind...and I mean W-I-N-D...blowing through the valley.    The ponderosa pines and the lovely larch trees are all swaying, swaying, swaying   in the same direction and it looks very not real.    A perfectly cool evening,  in attitude as well as temperature (essentially correct) and  with the mismatched  colours of  pinky-blue&white puffy clouds.  It is all so electric, so edgy,  so very portend of things to come.

 The photo has nothing to do with the wind  except that  even random, seemingly unrelated thoughts are all connected somehow...and this sweet deer just suits me now and my fear/hope  that if we left well enough alone, most of the time,  the world would be more according to John.... Lennon, that is.   Cheers.

Friday 4 May 2012


What is going on with BLOGGER?    I do not like being forced into making changes... I do not want a FANCY blog... I like my simple, old-school style.   Going to resist.   Although, I have been thinking of changing some things to coincide with life's new directions so maybe, just maybe, I will consider some new things.  But I hate to give up this simple format.  I find some other formats just so busy with 'this & that' on the sidebars and I do detest 'ads' on blogs...puleeez.