Monday 19 May 2008

Escape from California

Don't mean to whine, don't mean to cry but whaaaaaaaa, whaaaa, wha. Finally, the stay in California has some of you didn't even know we were there...well it's true. There was a job to do and it was done. I must say I am psychically exhausted (does that make any sense?). It was really hard closing out someone else's life. Really, really hard. There is a sense of not doing enough or maybe, doing too much. Then there is that final decision to just STOP because ultimately, we are all on this road alone and coming to terms with that is a very individual process. So, it goes and goes with 'grace'.

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Joey Boshart said...

I do believe, those are the hands, that tell the story... of the love she gave to a young boy named Thom, who grew into a kind man, of a woman who supported her husband through his many "tours" and travels with their two young sons, of a woman who welcomed the friends of her children into her home. Those hands raised a beautiful man, who brings joy where he goes (his side-kick wife is a plus too), a son who loves openly, doesn't judge, brings laughter and happiness...She helped create "sunshine" (you all know what I mean)and those hands helped to bless all of us, those so fortunate to be in her path, or the path of her son. I'm proud to say I've touched them, and they were always kind, and gracious, and gentle...even though I was no more than a stranger.