Wednesday 5 October 2011

adieu la vue

Just realizing that very soon I will not be seeing 'la vue' on a daily basis. This has been the scene out the front door for the last six (yes 6!) YEARS. Countless hours have been spent and many glasses of wine have been drunk on the deck watching the changing scene over the water.
No, it has never been taken for granted. Every day it was cause for pause. Every day it was a reminder of just how beautiful this place is. I've got dozens of pictures and not one of them is the same. So do all the friends and family that have visited us here. Every one of them seemed stunned at the first sight and proceeded to try and capture its beauty. Amazingly, many did. Stay tuned for pictures from the 'la nouvelle vue' as the move to the country starts in just a few days! So excited! 'adieu pour maintenant'


kevel88 said...

I will miss that view. I remember the day I got out of the speedster. . . June 2008. . . and the first thing I saw was that breathtaking view. That is when my love affair started with Nelson! They view is spectacular!! But on the other hand. . . it has to be the reason that it has kept you in that spot. You will have a nouvelle vue that you can still sit on the porch and look out and it belongs to you, not the "Artic fox". . .
I bet Mike and Stephanie my invite you up to check on the view if you get homesick!!

kevel88 said...

Great pics, especially the one on the bottom!!

ingrid said...

Aw, so sad. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful new landscape to enjoy.
I look forward to the new pictures!!!

Best of luck with the move!

Sparky's Mom said...

Woohee! Can't wait for pics ... where are the pics??? Happy moving! I'll be right behind ya!