Sunday 24 February 2008

What's to Eat?

Eating. It is such a complicated subject. And oh, so emotional. I have come to my latest conclusion which is-- suprise!-- back to basics. This guy makes a really good case for a whole foods, whole grain, vegetarian lifestyle. All I can say is, let curiosity get the best of you and read it. Now, I am not lecturing anyone to change their eating habits. This is just what I am thinking about and what is making sense to me at this time. I think it may be the kind of thing that 'evolves' and 'reformulates' as time goes on.

Meanwhile, Ernesto, makes getting back to basics is easy.

And this guy always has his 'doorway garlic store' open for business. Sweet.


Dana G said...

Sooo...what you are saying here is that cream filled doughnuts and thick hot chocolate and churros aren't really all that healthy?

Dana G said...

p.s. I have requested this book from the library...sounds very interesting. But can I break my addiction to sweets and day old doughnuts?!