Monday 28 April 2008

It's all Good In My World

I just love it when the most unexpected things just appear in the middle of nowhere. I mean, here it is off the hiway, a work of art...political art...but art nonetheless. What fun some people had just spraypainting away. I guess I could take it personally, being somewhat of a 'gringa' myself but, really, why ruin it with that train of thought? Why not just enjoy the pristine beauty of the surroundings and how lovely it is to have a forum for expression...obviously someone or several some-ones, have some pretty strong opinions and for what it is worth, their experiences are true for them. How can you argue with that? My experiences in this country are of tolerance and acceptance and it amazes me how that remains a constant theme. I guess that's why seeing this just make me love Mexico all the be this opinionated and yet be so gracious and helpful and happy like these kids at the brake shop...too cute and having so much fun listening to me butcher their language. Life is all about difference and ain't it grand?

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Joey Boshart said...

Yeah.... we know where you really are.... you're secret is safe with us...Santa Ana.....

The Boshies in SoDak (roapk)