Thursday 5 June 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well my dear ones, I really do think that the grass is greener here and it was so worth it to hop that fence. It's not just my rose-colored glasses either. Why just today on a long and winding ride out through the valley I really looked around and man'o'man it was GREEN.
It is still just so hard to believe that this is now home when just a short time ago it was just a place to pass through and fantasize about. Have you ever been somewhere and thought 'gee, what would it be like to live here?'. Well fast forward to now and pinch me.

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Eric said...

I believe that was/is the same feeling the US immigrants had back in the 30's & 40's. I know it's hard to believe just as we have made the same move to SD... and as you it's VERY green here as well (horses are lovin' it)... especially lately with so much rain we've received... probably from YOU! haha Livin' the dream here in SD!

PS - What is Luigi's wifes name? I've lost my mind again! hahaha