Thursday 4 September 2008

End of Summer Sale

Better late than not at all. I just have a few words to say regarding the end of summer...oh yes, here in the great white north the end is nigh (?). Like a light switch flipped off. One day it was HOT, HOT, HOT and the next, a definite chill was in the air. The general consensus is that, summer (such a brat) is not coming back anytime soon. So please take a look at the fast and furious bounty that came from a very short growing season. The plums are on very old trees here in the yard but the lovely vegetables are from a small, local, family farm. I just think the colors are so delicious and let me tell you so were the meals that followed. There really is something about eating fruits and vegetables in their 'season'. They actually taste like what they look like. Most of my garden went to feeding the deer this year...oh well.

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Appalachian Muse said...

The bounty looks polished for the picture! Well done.