Sunday 5 October 2008


So a couple of days ago a friend so kindly gave us a pile of wild mushrooms that he had picked up in the woods a little ways behind the house here. Oh my! I sauteed them up in olive oil and butter with lots of garlic and shallot and get the picture...a wild feast was had. This was not enough! The secret of wild mushrooms must be shared so he was bamboozled and harangued into taking us on a foray into the bush to learn about these incredible fungii. What fun it was to trek into the forest around dusk (just when the bears like to come out and eat, I was thinking) and hunt the wild mushroom. Sly little creatures they are and also a bit shy, but easily befriended with some sweet-talking and promises of love. At first we found just one or two of these 'honey mushrooms' but then continued along a trail until we found the motherlode. It was like we were suddenly in 'Mushroomland'...they were everywhere. Our pillowcase was quickly filled and we just had to stop picking. It was also getting darker and my pet bear phobia was nudging me ever so gently to get going. Real life is so much better than that other thing, merci beaucoup.


Joey Boshart said...

Nice "ass-shot". ; )

I knew Thommy was a Fun Guy, but you too G? Fun G?

The lil beauties gorgeous... Wish we were there, but I'm settling for "virtual food network". You should go on Iron Chef Canada, Secret Ingredient "MUSHROOMS"!!!!

Try this for a tasty snack... I do it with GIANT Porto-Bella - Wash well, snap stem, place on cookie sheet, slotted side down, round up, heat oven to 350, thinly slice Motzarella (sp?) cheese and place on mush cap, lightly sprinkle with garlic powder, pepper (whatever spice you like) and bake until you "just can't take it any more..." Smells delicious, and YUM...

Eric said...

At ease disease there's fungus among us! I have not been a big advocate of the fungi but I am sure the fresher they are the better they taste... just make sure they don't kill ya! :)

Ginger Hokule'a "Gigi" said...

Oh my.... wish we were there...I know Jeffrey WOULD HAVE LOVED TO BE THERE with you guys!