Monday 22 December 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

This is truly a remarkable time -- this winter-thing, I mean. Or maybe I just mean WINTER, in all caps. To be so controlled by nature is rather humbling and a very new experience. When I lived in a warmer climate where everyone was in agreement that the weather was "perfect", we were a spoiled and bratty people. Whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted it, we could have. We could drive anywhere, no matter how steep the hill. We could go out for a run or a walk wearing barely nothing. We had 4-wheel drive on our cars and didn't use it. Our shoes were fashionable and barely functional. Shopping was our sport of choice. Well, THINGS HAVE CHANGED...for the better. You might think that the winter brings on isolation but quite the contrary. The social connections ramp up around this small town and at times, it is a whirlwind of activity. Everyone is bundled up warmly, and boots are big and insulated, and time is given freely, and friendships offered often.


-stewarts- said...

'Tis true; we have been experiencing the force of WINTER lately too...nothing like the old O.C. We received your package-thank you! Merry Christmas! We love you.
With grace,

Chad said...

What's that you say? You talkin' bout me?! bratty babe

Eric said...

Merry Christmas blessings to you guys!! Hope all is well with you in the great white north eh! We've got a balmy 35 degrees here in PSoDak and finally the Sun is out again! Hi to Luigi and Carmella! Take care of each other! Lotsa love from us!