Tuesday 22 September 2009

GREY... is the New Black

Here's what we know about her. She hails from La Paz, Mexico. She was born in the shelter there, but her other litter-mates all died shortly after birth. Her mother was a pure white pit bull and her father was a scoundrel of some sort. She has very long legs (and will make me a good running partner) and her eyes are a very odd color of grey-gold. She is skinny. She is very smart. She is four and half months old. She is not Cowgirl, which is a good thing. She adores us. She loves her homemade food but she lets me take it away from her without complaint. She makes direct eye contact and waits. So far the only thing she chews on is the old bone she found in the back yard. She is worming her way in and it feels good. We have named her...(ta,da)... 'PonyGirl'. I know, I know, fairly pathetic, but I have always wanted a pony. In fact, I still ask for one every Christmas and am just a teeny bit disappointed when I look outside and there isn't one there with a big bow on it. Anyway, let the games begin.


ingrid said...



Is that her?!
Is that a real picture of her?

So stinkin cute!!!
My heart sings!!!

A shelter dog! A mixed breed mutt dad!! And a pit bull mommy!!! So incredibly awesome. This just sounds like the best recipe for happiness ever!!

And I LOVE the name!!!
I'm sure Cowgirl is watching over both of you and assisting in all ways possible!!!

Best of luck and congratulations!!!
I'm looking forward to future posts of progress and random news!!!

Joey Boshart said...

Okay... I got a new pony... her name will be Bella, because when I see her, Mocha, Latte, Cocoa don't work... Big Doe Eyes make her Bella... My pony is your pony... I needed a filly for a friend to ride. There will be training... like you're finding about young girls.... but one day I am sure she'll be the blessing she's already proven to be even though only my finger hath touched her nose. Huge step in horse/human relationships. I long to meet your Ponygirl.. her name is not pathetic at all...it's honorable. LOVE her already...loved her before I met her from her eharmony.com foto I saw with her sleeping with a friend. Now, she's sleeping with my friend, and bringing that same joy I saw in that foto, to you. LIFE IS GOOD. Most of the time... if you can truly see IT.

Sparky's Mom said...


I didn't even know that it was really up for debate! Oh my gosh, I'm just like Ingrid ... exciiiiited!!!!

I'm so happy for you. This little pup will be such a wonderful, little sweetheart!!! Congrats!

Dog By Nature said...

Congratulations!!! We're so happy to see you get back in the saddle, hee,hee (ok we're not very good with cowgirl metaphors being city slickers:) We're looking forward to news of her and your progress.

Best regards,

Michelle & Kona

BOBOJOJO said...

Dang Gee
Cute Pup
Maybe you should keep her in on windy days though until you fatten her up a bit.

She looks a little like Sally Feilds

Bienvenido Poni

kevel88 said...

I think you could have called her Petey, cause she looks like she could have been on the little rascals. She is just adorable. Puppy's are such fun. Need more pictures!


Becca said...

She is so so cute! Awww. The name PonyGirl is perfect. Congratulations! Can't wait to see all the adventures to come.