Friday 13 August 2010

OH...You Dirty Dog!

Who knew that mud could be so much fun? It is apparently 'joie de vivre' to the max for this rascal. This is the dog that was scared of everyday things a few months ago and now will dive into a black hole if it smells good enough. She has never been frightened of thunder or any loud explosive noises on the other hand. This is a very good thing as we have the most lovely thunderstorms here all summer long. It's great to sit on the deck and watch them rock & roll their way in and have her peacefully watching as well. Oh, and one other thing...she knows the names of her friends. Tell me you haven't done this with your dog, "Hey is that Lilly? Ry? Raja? Q? Koda?". They fall for it every time...can't help's funny.


Pup Fan said...

What a cutie! Stopping by on the blog hop...

ingrid said...

At first I was excited to think that Scarlett will one day be fearless like PonyGirl, but Scarlett is violently afraid of fireworks, thunder, and anything that may sound like either.
Glad to see PonyGirl is enjoying life!

I never teased Indie about the names she knew, cause she would get cranky if I didn't follow through with a visit. Scarlett is still learning names so I'm still careful of what to say and when. But we had a dog once who was addicted to squirrels and we could NOT say that word around her. So I just would say SQuare? or even just " squ- ". .. . and watch her go nuts.
tee hee. .