Saturday 25 December 2010


Helpless in the face of adversity, aka... the holiday tables... laden/loaded/heavy/groaning with delicacies of every description. All the pretty little poppers that just fit & fill your mouth and take their time disolving. Insert full body moan here. I like the savoury ones the best. Appies so wonderful you are barely civilized. Then of course there is the holiday fall from grace, the turkey. Let's talk turkey. The aroma alone causes me to forgo all pretensions of being a non-meat eater. I know, I know, there was that disturbing incident with the elk salami, but this one is even more visceral. There is a bit of the 'honour & adore' syndrome at work here and a lot of salivating. I am happy to know it was free-range, organic etc., but in reality, I really don't care. I eat it anyway. There, I said it. Father forgive me my trespasses and pass the gravy. I am pleased that we seem to have passed into a phase of celebrating Christmas more with edible excesses, rather than with 'gifts' and I am very okay with that. The few gifts that are received tend to be very meaningful and so delightful in their unexpectedness. So, 'cheers to that' and 'may the wind be at your back', and 'may you live longer than you imagine' and 'may all good things come to pass' and 'sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite'...oh...we can't really say that one anymore, can we?


ingrid said...

haha! Yes, yes, I ate (and cooked) a turkey this year. Farm fresh and organic. . . but did not do so well with Christmas.
My family has ham, and I did not take over the purchase of the ham and ate it anyway. My body reacted negatively as it no longer recognized ham, and certainly is violently against inorganic/healthy meat. I paid the price for that one.

I made up to my body by making homemade tomato sauce and eating loads of starch. We felt better.

Joey Boshart said...

Finally, YOU"RE human after all. I agree. Our New Year bird is going into the oven tomorrow morning!!!! We're gonna tuck fresh pesto under it's skin and stuff it with oranges and lemons , I know, sounds strange but try it sometime, usually with basal and sage too but we have PESTO. Lil Tom will cook for the better part of the day filling our warm house with that savory smell....Whilst the wind chill outside is neg 40. Burr.... For this New Years Eve we have homemade split pea soup simmering on the stove and some warm bread.

Life is good