Monday 21 February 2011

Cows Allowed Off Leash

It's nice being on a beach that you can not only bring your dog, but you can also bring your cows. You can also bring your horse, but I don't have those pictures yet. Mexico is so easy going about those kinds of things. Nobody gets bent out of shape and there isn't a law against this or that. It doesn't get out of hand. Even if everyone in town brought their horse down to the beach at the same time, there would end up being a
FIESTA. Live and let live. Individual responsibility. If you fall off the sidewalk and hurt yourself....guess what? It was your own fault....not the city... not the county.... not the shoe manufacturer... not the hot coffee you spilled on yourself. Yesterday I watched an entire family climb into a barely seaworthy fishing ponga and head out to the open ocean. I am talking mom, dad, aunties, grandma, grandpa and several kids. I had to smile because there was absolutely no safety gear on that boat at all. Nada. Pretty soon they were just a dot on the horizon. Reckless? No, not here. Here is was just a Sunday treat for the family. Yes, something bad could have happened, but something bad could always happen. Travel always reminds me that there are many ways to be in the world. I love the differences. Love them.


Joey Boshart said...

I too, do so love the differences... they make me grow. Love you, miss you, ... Ho-EE

kevel88 said...

Where is "the guy" who was herding the cows? He was so adorable? Back to work for me, but would trade to be hanging on the beach with you.. . and eating some of your fine cuisine. Guess I have to settle for a slice of panella. . .

K-fro or K-jo, but not K-os!!

ingrid said...

EWWW - cow poop on the beach!!!!

just kidding.

I marvel at other people's lives. Sometimes in horror, other times in envy. Either way, it's usually a beautiful amazement.