Sunday 5 June 2011

Monumental Madness

...this is one of the most eerily, lovely spots to wander around in our town. No, it is not spooky or scary, except for the occasional grizzly bear sighting, but what the hey (eh)? We are afterall, in Canada and if you can't deal with a bear once in awhile then you should consider moving back to Southern California. What I adore about living here are the encounters with wildlife that happen on a regular basis. I think all living beings deserve to share the bounty. I would not want to be in a world with only human beings....yuk. Compassion includes accepting the 'messiness' of animals. It is a much purer 'mess' than human beings make, by far. I digress. Maybe, I like the cemetery because of the ultimate fairness of dying. Everyone from the most arrogant to most innocent ends up the same way. You can only choose the way you live and how you interact with the world. The cemetery is good place to think about that.

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ingrid said...

Haha! My mom used to say something like that, but not about dying. She'd say, "No matter who you are, how rich, how famous, we all have to wipe our own ass. Even the Pope." Hmmm. ok. Fair enough. I like your death version better. Very Shakespearean. It's in Hamlet I believe when he talks of how we are all just food for worms.

In any case, it is very beautiful and I agree. Except that I do not live and a real community of humans and wildlife alike. So I can agree 100% that the humans are messier. One day I may be in my comfort home in the woods. One day.