Saturday 9 July 2011

Not Guilty ... reason of insanity? I don't know the specifics but after spending days (three of them) and being frustrated as only a computer snafu can frustrate, I finally figured out my blog 'problem'. Apparently the photo of the lovely Princessa Kate that I snitched off the internet and TRIED to post on my very own blog was a no go...uh uh...not allowed...take it off or we will come get you - type situation in the making. Okay, the offending photo is off my Canada Day post. Not need for me to go on the lam, no need for any community service...not even any parole. So, for the time being I have eluded the royal wrath. Cheers.


So Sayeth Luna said...

Perhaps you'd be better off posting pictures of your favorite meals on paper plates!

ingrid said...

Yikes! Are you allowed to just link to the photo? Is that allowed? Who know there were such blog police?!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I did think that photo was not of Cowgirl! Looked like you a bit however. Thanks for clearing this up!