Thursday 12 April 2012

Tree Down

I know it looks like a bad scene but we tried and tried to work around this 100 foot tree but we couldn't. It was just right in the thick of things. After a few days of trying and discussing other plans it was decided that it had to go. Amazingly, it took only minutes to get it guy, one chain saw, and one push from the EXCAVATOR. It happened so fast that I did not get a picture of it falling but we felt the ground shake. Because I did not believe it would fall where our guy said it would (me of little faith) I was high-tailing it uphill and missed the photo op....oh well. The burn pile lasted for two whole days (just the branches). We are keeping the logs for future use....they are huge. Sorry, big guy.


kevel88 said...

some tree!!COOL! I am so intrigued! Can't wait to see how everything looks!!. . .

BOBOJOJO said...

Now where will Bambi Live ??

ingrid said... sad. but if it was that large and close to your home perhaps it should have been removed regardless. Just plant a new one somewhere in honor of it - far away from your home. lol