Thursday 4 October 2012

Flat, Flatter & Flattest

Greetings from the USofA  heartland... a place of vast environmental degradation, cattle feedlots  and  sweet puppy mills.  A land of 'GMO' corn, soybeans & cotton.     A land where  pesticides and chemical farm aids cloud up the air and the  creeks and rivers,  if not completely dried up,  are  polluted.  It's a place where people seem to be very thirsty and only a  67oz sugar drink can quench that thirst.  And let us not forget the flies...yes, the flies,  which provide countless hours of outdoor entertainment for the whole family.  Are you getting the picture?  I have been. I have seen. I became a bit depressed.

Yes, I did get to ride a South Dakota pony and spend time with my little 'sister'  but it was not under the best of circumstances.  Life has thrown her, and her guy, a real, big sucker punch and she was still reeling from that reality of life,  and almost death.  So you see my point?  Things were a bit skewed all the way around and I wanted to go home.  I wanted to be home.  I was happy to go home.

But, hey, what can you do?  I did get back home and pulled on the trusty rubber wellies and started mucking around again. Oh, yes it felt so good.   Sometimes you just have to put on your blinders and forge straight ahead,  get dirty and do  your part to save your own little world.   Maybe  try to make a teeny tiny difference in someone's life besides your own.  I hope I do some of that, some time, for someone, somewhere.  Not fishing for compliments here, just wondering and reflecting on a road trip that still has me puzzled.


BOBOJOJO said...

Dearest of Dears

May I remind you that you were in fact in South Dakota.
If ever were there a reason for depression this would rank high among them.

Wyoming, S. Dakota, and Saskatchewan
Why not just vacation on the moon
I have always tried to find some good in these most lonely of places and what I really found out is that I am no damn good at self reflection.
I am simply not that interesting , and as such all I ever accomplished was to bore myself.
I guess that's why myself and the enlightened crowd always seemed to part company about one-third of the way into the journey.
That, and yoga classes aren't as good a venue to pick up women as I had at one time imagined.
Certain types of contorting and stretching are not as attractive as one may have thought.
Have I wasted two paragraphs of your Blog to steer the narrative back to me again Vaquera.
Dios Mio.

Hope your baby sister's world improves.

P.S. Why the bossiness???
Is this a cultural thing???
Not complaining, but Boy Howdy the learning curve is more like a hairpin turn at Indy.
Thank God for the other aisles in the store


You know of whom I speak

kevel88 said...

You should have posted a picture of the feed lots . . . and you chowing down on a nice steak!! HE HE HE.
No place like home!!

Now you know why it is imperative that you always stop in the wine country of Wilton. . . not the WHINE COUNTRY!! The can had a nice spot for you. . . and Lucas asked about you. . .

ingrid said...

I agree about the blinders and forging on. There's a time to stop and get involved, and there's a time to just keep going. If you let it all in, you'd drown. If you block it all out, you put weights on your soul just the same as drowning.

Ah life, it's there around us whether we like it or not.
I hope you find comfort in your home, I know I do. ;)