Monday 31 December 2012

Buried Alive!!

Just a few scenes from around the place to give you 'southerners' an idea of  'what is what'  up here in the great white north.  I understand that you don't care but I can't  care that you don't care.    Hence,  here are some of the adventures that you are missing out on.   

  • There is the slipping & sliding & falling which can be a hoot. (Kind of like how Ashton Kutcher is a 'hoot'(NOT)...what was Demi thinking?)
  • There is the shoveling & salting that is a major part of  the daily winter workout to try and avoid the above.    
  • There are the daily trips to the compost bin and the recycling containers.   This may sound simple but here these mundane tasks require several minutes (and lots of grunting by some) to  properly  layer clothing in order to avoid hypothermia.  Of course I exaggerate somewhat but not a whole lot especially about the grunting by you-know-who.     Layering is very important and if one does not resemble David Byrne is his infamous 'Fat Suit' then one is at risk.  It is not pretty as the many humiliating photos floating about  show clearly.
  • There is also the entire 3/4 of the property that is inaccessible and can only be longingly looked at and fondly remembered.    Okay, we could slide down there now that the lovely blanket of snow has turned to a glacier but really, why would we?  
  • There are also the comings & goings to get to the car,  to get to the STORE.     I now happily (yes happily!)   shop for my coffee creme at the gas station-video-liquor-beer-potato chip-propane-cigarette STORE.   Besides, they have the better brand of creme anyway and now they know me and I usually run into other peoples from the hood.   That's fun and also nice that we all look a little plumpish.

  •  Then there is the absolute best thing which is finally, the quiet. Yeah, that is one pretty nice thing about being buried in snow.


kevel88 said...

Looks just lovely. Somehow when I first read the title, I thought it said Burned!?!?! Which as I read along, didn't quite fit. Well, not to be out done, here is Southern Oregon have a very thinish layer of show covering the grass and cars. The deer have already tread paths and stirred things up!>!>!

Sun is out and beautiful NEW YEAR.


ingrid said...

I admit there is a part of me that is jealous.

And these photos and your description reminds me of that new movie/documentary I just saw the other day; "Happy People"

I feel like I will see you in this film if I watch it. lol