Friday 5 April 2013


                                                 the tree....before

                   MAD MAX himself (I like his equipment)


I know to most real Canadians this is not such an amazing sight but to me it caught my attention in a big way.  I have never, I repeat never seen someone climb up a tree (this tall) and cut off all the branches on the way up and then start to chop it down in sections.  These guys were fearless and I know, its something they do everyday and they assured me it was 'a piece of cake' and  'so easy' but still....really?  When I looked up and saw Mad Max at the tippy top of the tree,  I stopped scared me big time.    But, within an hour the larch tree was down and the guys were gone but not forgotten.  

I love how things get done in  Canadia, oh, Canadia .


kevel88 said...

I apologize profusely for not commenting IMMEDIATELY upon your posting. It seems that my rural frontier did not provide the internet service I am paying for!!!

I would just have to say that MAD MAX is WELL EQUIPPED!! Oh, yeah, baby. Very hot and sexy guy!


Shelley said...

We had that done once too and I photographed and videotaped it. Actually, my last house I bought I had 4 trees removed..almost forgot about that!