Sunday 10 November 2013

forest fire

      Larch trees in the fall.




Anonymous said...

beautiful!! You have a lot more color up there than we have had here!!


ingrid said...

Hello! I feel like a horrible friend. I now use social media so much for work that i get sick of being online anymore. I try to keep up via instagram, but not much. I find i have less to say online & instead have been filling up my journals; pen&paper fashion. But i miss you. No one else, just you & your girl. I've been having Indie issues lately & think about you a lot. Just something stops me from sharing on my blog. I don't know what i will do with my blog, but i promise to keep following you. I am often logged into google as one of my work personas, but I'll always leave my name. I currently have a 40lb snugbug on my belly getting annoyed that i am not putting down my phone! I ALWAYS stop for her but not this time. I wish she knew who you & Ponygirl were, she'd know why it's important to keep in touch!! Again, i am sorry to have stopped communications, i really do think about you both often. Hugs to you both!!!! -ingrid & SG!

ingrid said...

Ps- these trees are gorgeous!!!!!