Monday 5 December 2016

Now Just Calm Down !

Well it just so happens to be that 'day' again.  You know the one...we all have that one day a year where even though we try not to, we kind of feel like we are just a teeny bit more special and dare I say, more precious, than on any of those other regular days of the year.
Okay, I may just be speaking for myself (I doubt it)   but so what if I am.

The Birth Day.

Why after so many of them does it still even matter?
Rationally, there ought to be an expiry date on celebrating the Birth Day.
But that just seems so depressing. 
Especially when the ultimate  expiry date is clearly getting closer.

So what I am trying to say is  'thanks' to ALL of you dear friends and to my remaining family for making this day wonder-full.  I am glad you haven't  gotten tired of me...yet!

You have all been so kind.


kevel88 said...

Happy Belated Birthday my dahling. Studies show that people with Birthdays live longer!! I like to think our best days are ahead!! So don't get depressed about it. I live having you around! Who would keep me in line and make sure I don't turn into an aging country singer. Again!!

kevel88 said...

I was looking at my page today and thinking I should do another blog this year! Then I looked at yours and you haven't done one this year at all. Hmmmmm What happened to my creative juices? Did they retire? Any thoughts?
Love ya whether you respond or not!!