Saturday 1 March 2008

The Cowdog Turns 13!!!!!

Can you believe it? The Cowdog is 13 years old today! Yep, it has come to this. I put the word out that there was cake at the motorhovel and, POOF... party for the pet. Embarrassing...yes. Really nice...well okay...yes. Oh, come on, I live in a trailer and my world collides with total strangers who out of the goodness of their hearts, humoured me and actually sang 'happy birthday' to Cowgirl.

Big Smile.


Dana G said...

Yummy looking tarts!!! And love the candles (so MX!) glad that you had a good time at Cowgirl's party...she is so well-behaved...and she smells so clean...though she really does need to lay off the poochinella...
Person D

kevel88 said...

Happy Birthday Cowgirl! Wish I was there! Instead of the windy city of Wilton! Love the colorful pictures you take!?!?