Monday 3 March 2008

'Perfectly Imperfect'

What a fabulous tangle of wires and cables on this house. It is like someone's art project. I'm sure it all works, I just wouldn't want to be the guy who has to fix something. I guess the question is why doesn't this bother anyone, including me? In fact, why do I really, really like the fact that it is like this? What is this deal with the 'perfectly imperfect'? I am thinking that it is just a relief from all that northamerican uptightness. Like maybe just having electricity and cable and internet is the important thing not how the wires look or don't look. Well, blabbing on...brings us to our next topic...the broken glass on top of wall solution. Gotta love that one too. Make no mistake about will not be climbing over this wall! Well, okay then, that problem solved. Hasta la vista.


kevel88 said...

If it works, don't fix it!
Good eye for color on the pony picture!

Dana G said... seriously!!! Look who is talking about 'norteamericano uptightness' and thing just needing to work, not LOOK just SO!! Miss 'fold the washcloth and place it exactly in this position....or else!!!!'
Gotta love you!
p.s. great shot of the glass!

Joey Boshart said...

Good Lord... you need to publish some of these fotos..... And I don't know Ms. Walker but Ms. Simone.... I love your writing and fotogs.... Ms. Walker can only dream!!!! Anyhow... I'm proud that you have reached what I affectionately call the "South Dakota State of Mind"... it all works but looks bad.....who cares??????? Love you..... hope to see you soon.

Joey, joey, joey PS Happy Bday CG!!!!

Eric said...

Kinda like us, eh? Us humans get our wires all crossed up as well! ha Awesome pics! When you guys going back to the Great White North? Miss ya! Dutch