Tuesday 3 June 2008

I Could Drink A Case of You...

Okay, okay...so it has been a few days...but puleeezz...allow me to 'splain myself. Well, we successfully 'landed' which just means that the Canadian border was crossed and we were welcomed in as new permanent residents. Yippee! It feels good and it feels even better to have that long (boring and frustrating) process behind us. It has been a few days of just getting re-acquainted with things and people here. Canada just feels so right and, you know where I'm going with this, how can it be wrong? Get it? Of course you do! I'm just playing with you. But let us continue on another day to explore this desire for another life, in another place. My mind is going in a million directions right now and I am seeing endless possibilities. Life, as the saying goes, is good.


Joey Boshart said...

Amen, again I say Amen! Life IS Good!!!! Glad to hear that our "neutral" friends are enjoying their new "neutral" country. : ) Endless possibilities are a good thing.... lots of options, directions, decisions.... Another life in another place... sounds a little bit like "the grass is greener.." theory.... hhhmmmm... is it? Let us know. : )

Love you guys -

The Garay's

Cowgirl said...

Hey Garays....dare I say, the grass IS greener...XXOO