Sunday 1 February 2009

Are You Laughing at Me?

..."kindness to all living beings is the one true religion"...and I cannot imagine anyone not embracing that. There are those of us who choose to direct our kindness in our own personal ways. We do not feel a need to advertise our efforts or defend our choices but that does put us at the mercy of others and their opinions. Regardless of what modern thought would have you believe, we are not all 'remarkable'. In fact most of us are not. Most of us are pretty average. Harsh? Well, I don't mean it to be. All I am saying is that if all we do is live a decent life and choose who and what we love, then isn't that okay? What is remarkable to me is that I chose to love this dog...and my thoughts are on her all the time and I miss her terribly. It may be hard for some of you to understand the depth of the grief but, I know that there are many more of you who totally understand and from that there is a comfort. I am still going on those pointless walks and still having those moments of intense sadness, but I did smile today when I found this picture of Cowgirl laughing.

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