Tuesday 17 February 2009

Flying Away (for awhile)

It's time to try the environmental cure. Off to Mexico to embrace the distraction that only travel to a semi-third-world country can offer. I mean that in only the kindest way -- I love Mexico and I love it in all its glory -- I don't think it needs to be 'fixed'. I am looking forward to the chaos, the basura, the street food, speaking spanglish and getting my head back on straight. Sometimes all it takes is a sit-down with some gritty reality, a few mosquito bites, some heat & humidity and a good long time spent with a good friend, one-on-one, in a world not our own. Mexico is so accommodating that way. Attending the David Byrne concert on 18th February and will post a full report probably from Mexico -- talk about the ultimate trip to heaven -- I worship the ground he walks on.

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Joey Boshart said...

I feel like I'm already there. Love the picture of the palms... especially love the perspective from which the foto was taken.

...a world not our own...