Saturday 30 May 2009

Fashion vs Function vs Fashion

Why is it that there are certain articles in our closets that attract us and that very attraction defies all logic or reason? I cannot give up nor am I willing to even consider life without these boots. This obsession happened a good two years before there was any obvious reason for it. Circumstances have changed since my days of being a 'real housewife of Orange County' to what I am today. My collection of fabulous high heels are merely on display now (in the basement, no less) as wearing them would only be ridiculous at best, and masochistic at worst. Walking is now the priority and not just from the vehicle to the building but sometimes into the bush, or along the creek or up the trail or down the laneway. This attachment to the land requires proper footwear and hence a more grounded feeling all around. I like the solid footing that a good boot gives and the security also. I also like the challenge of making a personal style statement so out of the (shoe)box.


BOBOJOJO said...

Aww c'mon Gee.
This is symbolism at it's finest. Surely an intelligent woman such as yourself must you see what these pedoral handcuffs represent. Even I, a mere male, can invision the misery wrapped up in these vile leather prisons, with they're seemingly unobtrusive little laces, waiting to strangle the life out of anyone who dare slip them on. Release them I say...Nay, freeing them is to dangerous. They would only find they're way to some other unsuspecting victim. A fiery death is your only salvation from they're diabolical grip. To the incinerator they must go before it's to late. Unleash the hounds that howl at the gates of your psyche and command them to run wild through the forests of freedom.

Metaphorically speaking of course

BOBOJOJO said...

Just kiddin about the shoes Gee.
They look great.
Hope they make your tootsies feel loved and appreciated.
Long live sensible footwear
Death to the stihletto.

Where the hell does the "H" belong in that word

Joey Boshart said...

Dear "Bobojojo" and my dearest V-Gina:

Those boots, those beatiful, wonderfully made, pieces of leather, lace, and study sole.... I've talked about these very BOOTS with my friends (Elaine...are you with me?) They are like landing the "Sex In The City" Guy.... only they're cheap, Revelstoke, discount store BOOTS, that we CANNOT OBTAIN, in our Suburan, Urban world....we can't find them, buy the, obtain them, so I, as a humble, Christian, learn the meaning of covetness.... THESE BOOTS.... I've talked about them with strangers to V-gina... It/they ( or a distant relative) are my new "treasure hunt". Armani? Versaci? Did I even spell them correctly??? Who Cares???!! She's got THE BOOTS!!!

Appalachian Muse said... come they're laced like that?

Cowgirl said...

Well, its nice to know that there are others out there who enjoy a good shoe -- wonky lace-up and all.

ingrid said...

Those are awesome boots! But then. . . my boots far out number my heels and "acceptable" shoes. I'd take my 20 eye steel-tips any day over a pair of nice heels!!!

Not to mention my hiking boots!!

ah boots. . . .. . nothing says "control" & "freedom" like an intensely purposeful boot.

Ashley said...

Pass those Italian stilettos on, sista! I mean, if "no one" is wearing them:) All I'm saying is "I still live in the city..."