Sunday 26 July 2009

Walking Alone

I looked out at the lake and the mountains this beautiful Sunday morning and thought 'great day for a long walkabout'. But I can't muster up the enthusiasm without the girl. I never realized what she gave to me by sharing our lives together. I know, she was just being a dog, but there was so much more to it than that, for both of us. Walks and hikes would happen on a whim and she never had a moment's hesitation. No prior arrangements needed to be times to be confirmations...just a 'let's go!'. I still sometimes forget for a split second that she is gone and then there is that now familiar heart-hurt. Can't let that go because it is all that I have left of her and it is like a good friend now. I know that as long as I feel that, she is still my best girl.


BOBOJOJO said...

Animals are great at allways being up for the moment.
Except horses. Damn their wretched hides. In all fairness though, having someone strap a fifty pound saddle to my back, with a belt that was pulled two holes too tight, might fall into the "for whom is this really fun" category.Not to mention the cold steel that gets shoved into your mouth. I can't be to sympathetic however, given they could allways just run away.
Cats are also poor walkers as well. Even worse when you try and have them march in parades, or have them go for wheelbarrow rides, as my son found out one day. Still carries the scars to this day. Uncooperative ingrates.

Hey Gee.. Clowns and bike shorts?
Did you have a bad experiance at a Cirque de Sollee performance once?
I know they're Quebeqouis and all but they're really not that frightening, once you get past the Gitanne cigarettes and bastardized french. Lovely folk really.
What would we do without the french to teach us the fine art of hautiness, and snobbery.
Go for the walk anyway Gee. Your girl would like that.

Chow for now Gee

Dog By Nature said...

I know that feeling, you never lose it. She is always with you because of it.


Sparky's Mom said...

She was a beautiful girl and she had a wonderful life with you. I know it's not enough to know that, at least it's not for me. My boy has limited time.I'm not ready to let go, and I'm paralyzed by fear of loneliness that will soon follow. Our dogs are our children, not enough people realize the gaping hole they leave in our hearts when they are gone. I'm thankful to have found support through other people's blogs ... it's a way to cope.

Thank you for sharing part of cowgirl with us.

ingrid said...

I can't take walks either. How can I take a walk with out those goofy ears flipping up and down in front of me? How can I hike without my trailblazer?
How can I do much of anything without my angel?

And yet. . .. the beautiful things we enjoyed together are still beautiful. The blue sky is still there for me, the smell of wildflowers still reaches my nose, and the trees still stand with perfect steadfastness. Instead of seeing all of these things with Indiana, I see Indiana in all of these things.

Our girls are still with us in all that is around us.
Perhaps we should try to enjoy a walk now and again.

cheers Gina.

kevel88 said...

You could always take your spouse for a walk. . . Oh, that's right, he doesn't like to exercise. I miss our walks together. Call me and I will join you at least in thought.


Joey Boshart said...

Love at its greatest is felt the hardest when lost. The loss is overwhelming, and at times it feels like the next breath won't come, but the love....the love was the gift, the blessing. I pitty the soul that has not felt such love. That kind of love is what every person should experience and know. A love that gives life to life, and when it's suddenly gone, leaves bittersweet memories and a heart longing for another day. That's wow love. Now, go and love that way.

Ginger Hokule'a "Gigi" said...

...I know that heart-ache so well....
I am also still tresuring it as like you say it so well:" is all I have left of her..."