Wednesday 30 September 2009

"Venga Aqui"

I have been asked quite a bit lately...why a Mexican dog? I will try to explain. I read quite a few dog-related blogs and there is quite obviously, a bias that most dog-bloggers have. Ingrid just loves pit bulls, Michelle loves golden retrievers, etc., etc., and the list goes on. The Mexican street or beach dog is just another 'breed' that some of us have a real soft spot for... Joey, my dear friend is one of them. Any one who has traveled south of the US border must have at one point in their tropical paradise holiday, looked around and seen a heart-breaking pup in some state of neglect, illness or injury. Mexico is sadly, full of them. I know, I know, it is for the majority of the population there, a poor country with barely enough food to go around for the people, let alone the dogs. But we all help where we can and how we can. My girl Cowgirl as many of you already know was a Mexican beach dog. I had been thinking for a couple of years before meeting her that I wanted to have a Mexican dog, that I wanted to help just one of them. So, on a camping trip on the Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico many years ago, she wandered into my heart. One look into her face and she and I were hitched. There was no question that I had found my dog. I often thought throughout the years that we spent together that there was no way she would have ever survived in Mexico for very long on her own. She was just too sensitive and couldn't have taken all the abuse and neglect that she would have undoubtedly received. Most of the female dogs there have a real rough time of it. Their lives tend to be short and terrible. I was more than happy to have saved her. Just her, just one little dog but it made a difference...a big difference. Hence, my love affair with the Mexican mutt. I love their goofy looks. I love their street smarts. I love the look in their eyes. Even when you meet them briefly, maybe just as you pass one on a city street corner, or glance around and spy one just hanging in the shadows, my guess is that dog will look you in the eyes. So that is somewhat our story. PonyGirl came to us from "Pawsitive Match Rescue Alberta" and we are so happy that she is here.


ingrid said...

I DO love pit bulls.

But I love pit bulls for ME. I worked with dogs for over 10 years and have a little photo album of some of my closest friends. A nice collection of Beagles, Bassets, St. Poodles, Collies, Akitas, Pugs, Springer Spaniels, Pekinese, Ridgebacks, Rotties, Mastifs, Shepards, Border Collies, and many many more, including all the glorious mutts!!! Sometimes I really miss that job.

But I've followed your blog for a while now and I not only appreciate your bleeding heart for Mexican strays, I also admire and acknowledge your personal bond with them. I can't imagine you with a dog from anywhere else. But thats just me.

Joey Boshart said...

There are American, Landed Immigrants, and there are Mexican Landed Immigrants in Canada... Get over it... LOVE IS LOVE, and when it is PERFECT, absolutely perfect... IT FINDS YOU.

Kiss on, run on, love on. Chica's finally learning how to play and that her day doesn't hold a broom to hit her teeth out, a hose to force her outta sleep off a "resort" chaise lounger, but her day does hold.. a clean bowl of water, a never ending bowl of food, and peeps and an Aussie who love and ADORE her, something she's never known before. Now the Aussie... that's another story....

: )

Dog By Nature said...

It doesn't matter what breed, purebred or mutt, but that you saved a life and even more, brought love to another being. That's what's really important. Every small gesture helps make the world a better place and these are yours, embrace them to their fullest. Much love to you and Ponygirl!

BOBOJOJO said...

Hey Gee
Just got home.
My salvaged Mexican street hound is doing very well right now in a new adopted home. There was a short adjustment period to get the street out of Fredo,(mostly distrust)But he made it.
Remember you don't to keep them in order to save them.
Three hundred pesos ($25.00) worth of vet bills, a little pleading with a good family, and presto, your soul gets to grow a little.

Sparky's Mom said...

Oh my! Just look into her eyes!

I absolutely love the name you gave her. It just fits, I dont know why, but it does :)

PS: I do understand the loving certain dog groups more ... I'm a lab mix lover, and I know that my future will have another little Sparky-Dog in my future, one that needs to be rescued, just like the original :D

Your new girl is georgous! Love her!!