Thursday 24 September 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

Here we are at the starting line. The beginning of what I hope will be a long and winding road. Yeah, I am feeling corny and trying to capture every single moment and really, really appreciate how fleeting the whole deal is. There is this sweet, sweet unfolding and the hints of what is to come...I can taste it. I intend to not miss a moment. I never thought about losing Cowgirl when I had her. It just wasn't an option, so I feel like a lot of the time, I took her (us) for granted. You do that, when you think you have forever. This time, though, there is an urgency in the air to pay attention. A puppy will do that for you...make you pay attention, that is. It's fun. It's engaging. It's a bridge that connects you to other people you would have possibly not even noticed before. Once again, I am out and about and chatting it up with all kinds of kindred souls. I highly recommend it. This photo is PonyGirl at the shelter in La Paz with her mum. Who knew?


kevel88 said...

How adorable!!! How did she get to Nelson? Did you go get her?

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!!"


Dog By Nature said...

What a cute picture. She's adorable! Puppies are a wonderful conversation starter...really all dogs are. It's how we met all our neighbours when we moved into our new house. Cherish every moment as they go all too quickly but don't dwell on that fact either. Just enjoy!

M, S & Kona

We never really blog about training as we're not really trainers. That said, we don't subscribe to any dominant training but rather focus on respect and reward. It seems to work best for us. Positive reenforcement and a calm demeanor go very far with our pups:)

ingrid said...

How completely beautiful, the two of them! Just wonderful!!
I always knew Indie and I were on limited time, and it hasn't helped out too much. But I guess it did a little. I knew because when I was a kid I had my then best friend (my dog) die at the early age of 7. So while Indie left at age 10, and I only was with her for 9.5 of those years . . .that's 2.5 more years I had with her than with my other dog. People sometimes would get annoyed with how much importance I placed on Indie and I spending time together, but I never bothered to explain, and now I have that many less regrets!!
I'm so excited about Ponygirl and her future stories and fun and quirks!!! yay!!!

Sparky's Mom said...

She's so cute. So perfect! I'm happy you have taken the step to provide a wonderful home to another little girl in need :)

Appalachian Muse said...


Joey Boshart said...

I am so very, VERY happy for you (and me, for when I get to meet her!). I told my sister last night... literally, bragged to her about my new four-legged niece....She's Kayaking ALREADY!!! I showed pictures, told her how happy I was that new love was emerging,growing, proving that it doesn't replace, but it does help replenish. Each of us, two legged, or four, are individual, and magically different, even though we are so very much the same. He made us to believe, comfort, and love... mostly to love, because with love... nothing else matters, love never fails. I love you G and T and PG.

Eric said...

Her daddy was NO Dingo! :) She's so cute... enjoy all those moments with her! So glad you got another pup!!

Ginger Hokule'a "Gigi" said...

Oh, my baby pic of PonyGirl, SOOO ADRABLE!!!!