Wednesday 4 November 2009


The reason there are no photos here of the beautiful and spectacular beach that we are currently living by is because of that tiny little word...DEW. It appears on my camera whenever I attempt to take an outdoor shot. It then shuts the camera down. I guess Oregon is a little wet and my old camera is way too sensitive. I have figured out a way to trick it though, so next post I hope to share some shots of life outside the door. In the meantime let me say that it is wicked nice here. A perfect place to be at this time of the year. Very few people anywhere and miles and miles of wide, open, wild coastline to trek. The new girl is really enjoying seafood. She finds lots of crab legs and clams to eat on our morning hikes. I hope the shells are a good source of calcium or something, because she eats those too. She also became crazy-happy yesterday when she found a pelican wing and started to devour it while running away from me. I think that explains the hacking that is going on today. Other than that PonyGirl is having the time of her life so far.


kevel88 said...

Now I do not know what kind of story you gave to get this job. Probably something to the effect that you were seasoned experienced camp hosts or some crap like that. How you rescued campers in IL during a tornado, etc. Either that or they were desperate and the only other volunteer was an alcoholic homeless bum. HA HA HA.

You guys really know how to live the life!!

Bet you have on your stylish leggings!!!

your cuz

Dog By Nature said...

Try cutting a hole in a ziplock bag for the lens...might help with the moisture.
Glad to she Ponygirl having such a great time!

Sparky's Mom said...


Good to hear you're all having a good time :)

BOBOJOJO said...

Proud of you Gee
Out witting the technology.
Myself I go for the toss it in the trash and hope the boy retreives, it, and sets me straigt, approach.
Alls well
Nada to report at this time.
Still hot.

The hound looks settled in now.
Nothin like beach trash to lift the spirits
Chow Bella

BOBOJOJO said...


Isn´t fraught a Ukranian square dance
You know ...get down and fraught the night away

Appalachian Muse said...

Wonderful picture of the boat

ingrid said...

What a very content looking puppy!
Glad you are both enjoying your trip!!

Home Sweet Home Place said...

Isn't the Oregon coast amazing?! Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed getting to know you through yours. I'll be reading from now on!