Friday 23 October 2009

'there' as in 'not here'

Leaving this cold, rainy, dreary weather and heading south of the border into...well...into... more cold, rainy, dreary weather. But the difference being a stretch of wide- open, wild Pacific Ocean beach just outside our door. Yes, it seems that being 'settled in' is nice for a while, until thoughts about somewhere else and wondering what it would be like to spend some time in... fill in the blank...start to meander around in the mind. Well, that is how it, innocently, starts. Then it snowballs (curious choice of word, eh?) and builds on itself and suddenly things are falling into place. Lists are being made and checked off, friends are being told, and farewell dinners are being eaten. Essential stuff is packed. The notion of endless possibilities and the anticipation of what is out there just down the road start to become the topics of discussion. It's not that I don't appreciate this very moment. I do, as much as anyone else. It's just that the concept of 'there' as in 'not here' is so alluring. I'm thinking it is just a slight disorder, or maybe a disability or perhaps just a syndrome that a few of us suffer from. And suffer, we do. More postings from the edge as internet is available.


Dog By Nature said...

Have a great trip and enjoy being there!

Sparky's Mom said...

Have fun! Looking forward to seeing pics soon :)

kevel88 said...

Isn't this the first time you have posted a picture of YOU? Usually, your feet or earrings or something like that. I bet you have your leggings on.

I think you should have gone to Winchester Bay where there is always a chance of SUN!

Don't know if I will make it way up to Nuremberg or whatever. Enjoy the cheese! Better stop at Marshall's and get some new rain boots. You will need them. Is your cell phone a US #? You should get a US phone, just in case you need to report criminal activity there on the coast! HA! I know how those old geezers are!


Joey Boshart said...

Trust me.. I speak from experience... it's NOT a disorder... It's a HUGE blessing. It's about letting go and living. Here, there, anywhere... find your peace, it's everywhere to be found, even though the wind is blowing, the snow is flying, the heart is goes on.. it happens... (and if I ever call you, as you're "my Person" on the list, I'll need you to remind me of this...) It should go on and happen...whether you've almost lost it, lost a piece of you, or have the great blessing of finding THAT friend... the one you thought you lost, who maybe a year later, may have missed you the way you missed them, and maybe you, since you've been given the opportunity... should be the one to reach out your hand... forgive, forget, hug, love... and if you reach out and it's not know, you chose the right way. Life is to be lived, shared, loved and enjoyed. When I realized we all almost lost you.... I was overwhelmed.

We have all times,... greatly... but we are better for the LOVE... and I for one, as I'm sure are you, all of you cowgirl blog followers, would never trade the loss and the pain for the love and the joy. For if you did not feel completely, immensley, overwhelming blessed for the trade, I would count you a fool. We all know that four legs understand sometimes, better than two...maybe only because they appear to listen, don't talk (really just can't talk)... as they're Angels.

I have Angels all around me... all the time.

BOBOJOJO said...

Hey Gee
Beware the goodbye dinners
Many a fitness regime has gone the way of the DoDo via these good intentions.
Still trying to get to Mexico
Many, Many adventures have developed
Will post soon with the convoluted details.
I almost became a visitor to the mexican penal system.
Now that's a blog

Keep the Rock Rollin Vaquera