Tuesday 3 August 2010


Well, I could have posted all the usual, unbelievable and beautiful scenes of summer that are gushing all around us here in the great white north. But, as you can clearly see, my new flip-flops have won out. Yes, the garden is blowing out beets and peas and squashes. Yes, we are having our vital greens every night. Herbs are getting chopped and added to every dish. It is a veritable vegetable carnival. It is almost like this is a different place. In fact that is what I love about living with four seasons. Life is totally changed four times a year. This time of year, life is almost constantly lived outside and compared to winter we wear hardly anything. Hence, the wonder of the flip-flop. In just a few months we'll find ourselves transported to a winter wonderland without going anywhere. We're definitely not in California anymore. (okay, a little summer peek)


ingrid said...

ooOOOooo - I LOVE the flip flops!
Can't say that i'm surrounded by summer beauty and vegetables. More like lethal heat and lack of oxygen. Plants are dried out and vegies not growing right. But today was a nice normal day where we could breath. I enjoyed it very much!!!

kevel88 said...

Save me a pair of those flip flops. I am loving all the garden produce. eating lots of fresh tomatoes. Maybe I can shed some # with all these plant foods. keep up the pos blogs, girl. Summer is just the best. Cept for the heat.