Wednesday 22 December 2010

Seeing No Evil

So anyway 'tis the season of fantasy. Let us put on our 'PPE' (Personal Protective Equipment) and forge on into the holiday fray. I love this season of indulgence. I am a top competitor in throwing caution to the wind. I dive into that holiday buffet table at party after party with no regard for calories or even ethics...yes, guilty. I recently ate and enjoyed several types of, godforgiveme, elk salami (!) the other night and would have eaten more if only there were no other pesky guests around. Next was a hearty hello to the salmon/goat cheese pate-filled marinated cherry peppers that were, how you say, to die for? Then, I heard rumours of a fig/goat cheese appie that was making appearances at parties here. My dental hygienist was describing their deliciousness to me while she was scraping my teeth and hosing out my mouth. I was moaning and spitting at her in agreement...yes, yes, yes, must have some of those. Soooo, yesterday there they were at a little afternoon getogether sitting innocently on a tray, each one in its own tiny pastry shell. So pretty. I think I ate an embarrassing number of them. To be continued...


ingrid said...

HAHHAAHA - I am in total agreement!
I love the holidays and throw so much caution to the wind. I love eating all the holiday food and treats, and drinking all the holiday wine & spirits!
I also wear my PPE (great term) and pretend that my world is perfect and quaint, and even imagine my city apartment to be a comfy little cottage in the woods on a mountainside. I'm so sure my electric fireplace is real!
I made Spice Cake the other day (my favorite) and tonight I make my first chocolate orange cake! yum.
Saturday I will be making a homemade tomato sauce AND a turkey meat pie. (w/stuffing in it!)

fatty fatty fat! I don't care!!

It's my mental preparation for the mental & emotional hibernation that occurs for me in the winter.


ingrid said...

OH - and thanks for all your words of understanding on the puppy front. I just feel like Cowgirl and Indiana are out there somewhere, watching us, and just shaking their heads in disgust at what we have now. But then laughing as well, and glad we have our new little girls.

Shelley said...

Great description Gina! If there were such awesome selections where I go, I too would indulge! But if processed 'stuff' blankets the table, I am less than inclined to do so. Enjoy! Waiting for pt. 2, 3, 4...