Thursday 1 September 2011

Idaho Peak and My Favorite Kid

This has been an amazing summer. We finally went on the Idaho Peak hike and my favorite kid came to visit. The vistas were amazing, both, far and near, and I feebly tried to capture some of the AWE we all experienced. It was so cool to share it with Sweet Maya. There were others too of course including (BadChad, her dad) and the dogs who were running around and enjoying themselves and provided many blurred & fuzzy photos. I am also including a terrible photo of me ( neck!) but a great photo of the favorite kid. That's how much I love her!


ingrid said...

LOVELY!!! I love these photos! I have so much more to see out there in the world!!

kevel88 said...

She is your favorite girl, too? Wow, awesome pics. I guess I will have to scale the peak myself next summer. . . That is, if there will be a little cooperation from the monsoons!!. . . Miracle Maya is just so precious. I was just telling someone today about her and how we didn't think she would live through the night-her first night. Just wish she was closer and you too, cuz.


Chad said... proud to headline as your favorite kid...oh, wait a mean that other kid...okay, you just had to clarify that didn't you!