Friday 16 September 2011

Maya and the High Heeled Canadian Adventure

These boots are NOT made for they are not. But haven't we all fallen in love with a pair of shoes when we were young(er) and had to have them? We ignored the voices of reason telling us "NO, you'll be sorry" , "they're so impractical", "it's your money". Recently, when I had my favourite kid here, we went shopping together and much to the chagrin of her 'bad-dad', we came home with these beauties. I could not help it as it reminded me of myself and MY high-heeled heart throbs of so long ago. Sorry no pictures from those olden days. Need I say the 'girl' looked mighty fine when she pranced around the basement 'SATC' apartment to show off her style and her runway stomp. Alas, they were a bit of a disappointment when we went downtown and had to walk around the marketfest on the Friday night out ..."ow"...she said...and ended up taking those high-heeled sneakers off and going barefoot. Oh well, once again, fashion vs. function and like a true fashionishta, my favourite kid, is not giving up.


Joey Boshart said...

You just gave me an idea for a blog. :) You and Maya are such the inspiration!

Love you!

ingrid said...

I LOVE these shoes!!!!! I hope she takes the time to break them in so she can wear them more often!