Tuesday 10 April 2012


...and so it continues. After all the stuff was off-loaded on the driveway and around the MO-bile, the monster EXCAVATOR started to work. Trenches were dug, dirt was moved, areas were defined and rocks were placed. The vision started to appear.
Some of you are wondering what we are doing. Well, one of the things is we are re-contouring our presently too-steep driveway into a kinder, gentler slope that eases onto a flat parking area.
This is because of the slipping 'incident' we had this past winter. The particular 'incident' I am referring to was when my Xterra that was parked at the top of the driveway, slid itself very slowly down the icy hill and stopped about 4 feet from the MO-bile. We heard some noise from inside and looked out the window to see it happening. Trust me, one feels pretty helpless watching one's vehicle approaching, driver-less, straight towards the house. This was rather convincing evidence that the driveway was too steep.
Of course, there were a few other slipping incidents worth mentioning...but that's another story.
So the next time you come to visit there will be a lovely, flat area to park and turn around on with beautiful rock wall and a set of wide stone stairs leading to the front door.
You won't have to worry, and we won't either, about your vehicle slip,sliding down on its own into the kitchen.
...more to follow...


kevel88 said...

Amazing transformation. . . LOVE IT! Ernie would have enjoyed watching all that, too.

Looking forward to having a nice level pad to rest on this summer!!

Keep up the good work.


Cowgirl said...

It's all about YOU, K-grrl!

ingrid said...

I probably shouldn't have laughed so hard at the visual of your "driver-less" car headed towards your home, but I couldn't help myself. I've had this happen to me in a similar fashion once. It does leave one feeling helpless. I've had to chase my car and jump in it once before it jumped my parents front porch. Oh good times.
Glad to see the progress. Hope it's a perfect finish