Sunday 1 April 2012

Not 'e-reading'

It's always interesting to see what people are reading and if they are still reading 'books'. I am, of course, as are a few others out there. Can't quite make the comfort leap to 'e-reading' everything...even our town's old newspaper is now online and it's a bit of a stretch for me. I don't find it a totally engaging just doesn't make the transition fully in my opinion, yet. Yes, it is good that all that paper is not being used. Other forms of 'information' gathered online pose me no issues. You know... like diagnosing terminal medical conditions, finding a recipe (I've given away all but one of my cookbooks with no regrets), getting directions, converting currency, drooling over design and home de-construction sites, getting gardening tips & tricks and even googling old boyfriends (why have they all disappeared?). My guess may be obvious in that a book requires participation of heart and soul and a fair amount of imagination in order to flesh out the whole story, as well as a chunk of time. Being able to close your eyes, put the book down and own that experience is a physical act and being able to pick that book up again and not be assaulted by 'e-pollution' is by far a more introspective experience. I know that eventually I will make the switch and lots of others already have and some will never know any different having grown up with 'e-everything', but for now, these are the books with which I am having a physical and emotional relationship. Use your imagination.


kevel88 said...

PERSONALLY, I love going on to and ordering books on CD to listen to in my car since I don't have an e-hook up on my car or phone and just regular old books to read on the treadmill, eliptical, etc at the gym or while I am sitting by the fire. . . . or before I go to bed at night. So many books, so little time!! Don't need battery or electricity!!

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life. ~Mark Twain

Joey Boshart said...

I love the BOOK. I'm all about the quick access to all sorts of things but the romance of the book, and it snuggling close to my bed, or always beside me in my bag, at my ready, without electricity, and only in need of my time and imagination.....I will not forfeit that. I usually always have a book with me, even before cell phones were around, as my "happy place spacer maker". I could go anywhere and be willing to WAIT, because I had a book to keep me company. I didn't have to worry about a cell charge, a band width, or a "connection". I just had to pull the sweet inspiration out of my bag and indulge myself... instant gratification.... until of course, that person I was waiting for was "ready for me", and I had to put my reading on hold....for awhile.

BOBOJOJO said...

Could not agree more Gee.
But how about this reason Vaquera

While reading, and Re-reading "Emerson" and "Shakespeare", and becoming extremely frustrated at the prose of long ago, I have been known to throw said literature clear across the room.
Try that wit with a f#@*ing E-Book.

ingrid said...

Oh I'm not reading any books electronically. No way. It hurts my eyes, and there's no smell. I love the smell of books. I love living so close to a library, I love having a bookshelf, and I love the look and design of books. They are decor, they are emotion, they are beautiful.
They are mine!

I recently finished Frankenstein. I can't say I really enjoyed it, but I'll spare you my book review. I'm currently suffering through James Joyce's "The Dubliners". Good & Bad, but again, I'll save you my review.

I just ordered Dickens "Little Dorrit" as I loved his "Christmas Carol" and one of my all time favorites ever: "Tale of Two Cities" Seriously, I think everyone should read that. (*sigh*)

I am also a Shakespeare nerd so I randomly pick up a play here and there (from my shelves) and those books all have my notes in them, so an e-book just wouldn't do! Sometimes I just skip and read one scene, or one Act because it's on my mind. I love skimming through books & plays I've already read. At any given moment one may find up to 5 books laying around my home from a recent desire to revisit. (this doesn't even include my comic book obsession)

I also have a Steve Martin book a friend lent me that I'll probably read while waiting for Little Dorrit to arrive. If you've never read Steve Martin, pick up one and give it a shot. They're short, easy reads, and very quirky. His play "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" was beyond excellent, leading me to "The Pleasure of My Company" which was great for anyone like myself who leans on the hermit and/or neurotic side of life.

uh....obviously I love books. I read them, write them (for hobby- er, for sport- heh heh) and decorate my home with them.

I could spend hours on the subject. :)

ingrid said...

Thank you for the comments about my painting!
! I'm getting used to the tiles, I guess it's just that in this part of Philadelphia it's easy to associate them with bad 60's and 70's style. So used to seeing that everywhere down here in old family members' homes. I have them in my kitchen as well, but they don't bother me at all there. At least not now that the kitchen is grey/black.

I never saw ShopGirl the movie, but I own the book. Not sure why I never got around to watching the movie. Usually I prefer to watch movies first, then read the book. Since the book always has more, I figure that's a better route instead of watching a movie expecting all the details. Too many times I've hated movies based on books I'd read. (i.e. Absolute Power, Dracula) Had it been the other way around, I bet I wouldn't have hated the movies so much. Like Jurassic Park= great fun movie. But read the book and WOW! So glad I didn't read that first! So I love them both.

Anyway, picked up the paint for the bedroom today!! :)

Eric said...

Ok ok... I'd rather be fishing with my father in law and having a beer! But I do like a good Patricia Cornwell book for the escape.. non-electronified of course! :)