Saturday 28 April 2012

Odd-inary Day

   As spring has finally sprung  around here  and I am going to keep my camera handy and try to capture the  ordinary  and the  odd-inary  and the extra-oddinary.    Just the everyday stuff that is amazing.    Lately, it been a running theme in what I've been  reading and  hearing 'bandied' about.  I love that term,  'bandied about'...but is that the correct spelling?  

I am also thinking this way  because someone I know is 'losing her mind' and I have to do something.     This person, let's call her Bette,  cannot remember a thing from moment to moment and cannot get any pleasure from life --anymore.     Simple beauty is not in her realm  --anymore.  She can see,  but she can't see the ordinary --anymore.    She believes that there is no 'any more' and she is terrified.


All we can do is make sure she is safe and taken care of.  There is very little else that can help ease the fear of slipping into this void.    Even love is not enough when your mind convinces you there  isn't 'any more' .

      Carpe diem.


kevel88 said...

You built the stone wall while you were thinking of all this? You are amazing!! Yes, Parenting parents. . . . . Bette knows that something is wrong,which is cruel. . . my mother doesn't understand why she isn't independently living in her own home, since she feels she has no limitations.
Well, guess we will just age together and since I am the oldest. . . you are the designated driver!?!?


Cowgirl said...

KEVEL88....I will take VERY GOOD care of you! You do trust me, don't you?