Tuesday 28 October 2014


Now at the end of October and all is ready for winter.  I have been working  hard outside for months now and with the help of my  'uber' assistant  who shall be known as Marky-Mark ,  so much  got done.  Many trees were planted -- deciduous, of course, so hopefully in the falls to come there will be even more colour out among the green pines and yellow larches.  

 One big goal was to get the soil weeded,  prepped and ammended in the fenced garden plot and we did it!   Years and years of unmolested wild growth back there took us ( me and M-M )  the entire summer to clear out.    Oh and the rocks!  Can you say "good drainage" ?   

Heck, we even sort of built a road down below one of the rock walls.  There was a space there and it was a usable but just barely....well now it can be driven on and parked on with ease.   

One of the many uses for straw besides strewing straw  everywhere,  is to make a  scarecrow and so we did.     First one ever and a fitting  end to a fine work season.  M-M and I got to yuck it up while stuffing tights and making a shapely 'crow     We named her/him  NicoPiccolo and that is way too long of a story to get into here,  but it fits, eh?

So much more was dug, hauled, planted, terraced and trimmed,   but enough with the boring details.....





kevel88 said...

Love herm! Definitely a trans! You guys worked hard!!

Ready for winter snows for sure!!


Anonymous said...

Nicely DONE!!!!! I love seeing both the bouncer, the crow, and THE REAL STAR....MM!!!!! Hug him for me.. I know I'll enjoy the fruit of BOTH your labors in yrs to come. Xoxo. Your anon mouse. ;)