Sunday 26 October 2014


So we got out an wandered for a couple of weeks once again in the Motorhovel.  September is a really good month to hit the roads as the campgrounds are nearly always empty and the weather usually good.  This year was exceptional.  Warmth and sunshine everywhere.  We started by stocking up at Trader Joe's and the stuff lasted us the entire 2 weeks on the road.  Exceptions were made by stopping whenever we saw a farm stand sign to buy fresh produce.  I think once again we dined like royalty even while living in the Hovel.   

I do love the state of  MONTANA.  So many lovely places and cool people.  Although,   I was dismayed  one day when I read some kind of hunting notice tacked up on some bulletin board somewhere that listed all the timeframes for killing so many different kinds of wild animals.  Blow me....but it just isn't necessary....I mean, really, bobcats?  wolves? cougars? wolverines?.   People, people, is NOT a sport.   It put a bit of downer on all the natural beauty that was all around when I thought about wildlife being stalked by 'sportsmen' and (oh so sexy....sportswomen).    Come on and please I am not looking for a debate on 'hunting'....I will not be swayed and neither will you.  I am also aware that this is not just in Montana, but that is where I saw the notice that  got me thinking.     Some of the nicest people I know are 'hunters' and that is so puzzling to me.   But anyway.....
The dog and I took a swim in this pristine lake under the beautiful sky, of  BIG SKY COUNTRY MONTANA....sweet.


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kevel88 said...

OMG!! Just amazing photography!!I thought for a minute it was like our lake where we went kayaking. Yes, it also amazes me how big strong hunters get a thrill from shooting Bambi. . . a sport.!?!?

Maybe you should get a real camera? You have a good eye!