Thursday 8 September 2011

A Bit of a Bounty

It took a while to get here but once it did, summer has been spectacular. So many long, hot days and cool-ish nights. But, most likely you are all experiencing the same thing in your neck of the woods, so I won't belabor the point. The garden wasn't the best one ever, but there were and still are some surprises. My flower garden newly planted last year, survived a very harsh winter and generously graced us with beautiful blooms. The bees have been very happy. I snitched a few peas before the deer got them all and they are in the freezer. Fabulous beets! Tomatoes...not so good. Yummy lettuces all season long. The squashes are still going strong and we should have a mess of them to store in the basement for eating this winter. Even the potatoes did okay. My sage, oregano, parsley, thyme, tarragon and savory are ready for drying. Basil was a disaster but thank god for friends with sunnier yards. By far, the stars this year have been my shallots and onions...aren't they just gorgeous?


Anonymous said...

So... the secret to eating well with G and Th is to meet them sometime in the "midsummer dream" on, maybe, "Holland Lake", (because they bring the best of their summer height veggies) then, plan a trip to see them in Nelson in say ... mid Sept to finish well.... Just saying.. Oh, and YAH... they are beautiful... all of them... Here's our garden... Started FANTASTIC.. first year ever in SoDak to get tomatoes, delicious tomatoes...Roma's THANK GOD.... keeps giving... Cabbage are still on the way, broccoli been chowed down by the "plague" grasshoppers,.. sad... buying from the local FM and enjoying real flava!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

oh wow...the view is fantastic!

kevel88 said...

I bet you will be able to have a fab garden in Crescent Valley. Definitely will need a deer fence around it! Yep, nothing like the harvest.


Dog By Nature said...

That first photo is awesome and nice bounty from the gardem.

ingrid said...

wow!!! how exciting to have your own garden!! And to grow food!!! mmmmmmmm. I have some basil in my sunny city window, that's about it. garlic didn't make it this year.
oh well.