Tuesday 18 January 2011

Crime Scene

I am in a mooooood today. Should be depressed, but I'm not. Actually verging on uber-happy. Got me thinking about the last mexi vacay I took with a pal of mine. She is such a good friend. I know this for a fact because she allowed me to keep these photos of her. Knowing that I might share them.
I remember the time we spent meditating, exercising and cleansing toxins from our overloaded systems. Hence the peaceful sleep that followed.
The intensity of self-discovery and the letting go of pretenses was profound. Feeling safe to really expose our true selves in a safe, caring and intimate environment was very liberating.
The freedom to just let go and not be anything but the beautiful, delicate flower that we keep hidden inside. (Clearly evident here) Some memories are forever and oh so sweet. Love you JJ.


Joey Boshart said...

I can ABSOLUTELY get my chimp on at night, can't I? I'm confident that I am doing aerobics in bed when I sleep alone. I do the "Happy Star" stretch out, and the "Ballerina". I still remember wanting you to "talk to the finger", but I was gracious enough to give you the hand. : ) I love you too. See if I trust sleeping with you again.

Make sure to get some MORE fond memories with Kathy. Kathy... be warned.

kevel88 said...

So this is what I have to look forward to? Taking pictures of me in bed? Should I take something "special" to sleep in?


ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Good thing your night didn't end in buck nekkedness :) THAT would be a picture to remember! I love that feeling of stretching out as big as I can in bed. Love the pics. You have a cool friend for letting you share her in her morning glory :)

ingrid said...

how fun! Good friends are amazing.