Saturday 22 January 2011

Foreign LOVE Affair

Maybe we can blame it on the humidity. 'they' always say its the humidity not the heat. Personally, I think its the combination. Your head is overheating and you're sweating, really dripping. It's not so pretty. Let's not forget how bright the sun is...blinding even through your shades. Then you see the being who steals your heart in an instant.
Shall we say, blindsided? At first there is the typical denial. (Good luck with that). Then there is some tentative eye contact. A bit of silent communication. A private "hello".
In a very short time you are quite relaxed and amazingly comfortable with each other. What is happening here? You end up spending everyday together.
Life is sooooo much fun. You cross over into believing this could work! We can do this....we could be together! Why not? All obstacles to 'being together' fall away. You see yourselves 'together' looks good. The decision has been made. You commit. This is not just a foreign affair. This is the real thing. This is a foreign LOVE affair. This is how it happens. ...and they lived happily ever after... (in South Dakota, USA of all places)


Joey Boshart said...

Aaaawwwwwhhhhhh..... You should have seen her today... playing in the snow, then she comes into the house COVERED in snow. She's the BEST souvenir I've EVER brought home. : ) We love her so much.

Chica es en mi corazon!

Such a nice blog vgina..... xoxox

ingrid said...

oh how awesome!!! Someone got a new home? ?? A new life?? A new love. . ..