Sunday 30 January 2011


I am starting my journey to Mexico. There will be a few doors to step through. I hope to be HOT the next time you hear a peep from me. Hasta Luego.


ingrid said...

When you get there you'll have to post and remind me what sunshine, warmth and green things are like because I'm starting to forget!!!

Be safe!!

kevel88 said...

I haven't heard from you. . . keep me posted. Should see you Thursday evening. . .


Joey said...

Yay....Kevel is there because it's the 5th today.... wish I was there too. :( You guys get some "crime photos" of each other on this trip so I can decide if I wanna go on your next trip with you. You have some "chimp attack" standards to live up to... well that and the butt bruises, the tiara's and the infamous "International Love Affairs". The best memories are made with people you love so dish girls... all your avid readers are waiting. :)

gotta go... bout to have a home invasion "chimp attack".
Love you, mean it. xooxx

Sparky's Mom said...

You ARE a well-traveled lady (...and I am slightly jealous!)

Fun to see you enjoy yourself.