Tuesday 4 January 2011

Wanna come?

Its official. I'm going to Mexico!
Going to meet some new friends. Going to become politically involved.
Going to dine in some fancy restaurants. Going to buy something ridiculous.
Going to see some real cute kids.
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Going to dress in weird 'vacay only' outfits.
Going to go to the beach.
Going to hurt myself (mysteriously). Going to P-L-A-Y with puppies.


Joey Boshart said...

Ohhhhh.... I LOVE these memories. I really, really wish I could come but work is not in a good place. I think next year I should meet you somewhere then Ricky comes when you leave, like Thommy did on Isla. Then everyone's happy. : )

I am sure going to miss those fancy restaurants and the vacay balloon pants. We DID look good in those sequin moo-moo's didn't we... very flattering.


Crying in Sodak.


Shelley said...

Funny! Kevin got asked to go for saturday to some resort somewhere for free--just pay flight, but he didn't want to leave me with all this responsibility, nor did he want to just sit and drink at a resort--your way of travel is much more my style! Oh, and we are making headway btw so that is all good:) When do you leave?

kevel88 said...

I AM GOING TO BE WITH YOU!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN I BARROW YOUR MASK? I will start packing today!